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AMAR FOUND is Establishment 1999 certified company and a leading name in the construction business in the Maharashtra & Gujarat, India. We are an innovative and dynamic group, which specializes in all aspects of geotechnical construction projects. At Our company, We feel extremely proud to be associated with the field of engineering as it has not only enriched our knowledge but has also enhanced our experience in providing a wide range of geotechnical solutions across the world.

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Diaphragm wall Construction Work

A diaphragm wall is a reinforced concrete wall constructed using a narrow trench excavated on the ground.

Pilling Work

These services are highly demanded in the engineering and construction sectors because of their timely provision.

Geotechnical Soil Investigation Service

These services involve taking various samples of the soil and investigating them in laboratories.

Guniting Service

Guniting is an effective process to provide an impervious layer and repair concrete works.

Pile Load Test

The pile load test is conducted in order to determine the settlement under
working load and ultimate bearing capacity

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Founded in 1999

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Our experienced team is dedicated to providing you with accurate information and guidance to ensure your project's success.


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Structural analysis by experienced Engineers with various design codes.


20 years of experience

Projects team comprises minimum 20 yrs of experienced team in handling complex erection activities without accurate technical erection, design intent and production quality cannot be converted into reality.
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Our Vision

Our Vision is to transform Amar Found into a leading company and build up the sustainable design and construction to our clients.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to complete a project safely, economically, functionally and creatively. To do this, we have kept on our Strategies; manage our design, technical specification, policies, and communication and develop our staffs.